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Cheyanne Mallas

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Meet Cheyanne Mallas, the distinguished Chief Executive Officer with over 15 years of prowess in cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery. Beyond her role as a seasoned entrepreneur, Cheyanne is an adept Physician Associate with a specialization in bioregenerative aesthetics. Her vast competencies span from spearheading business growth and crafting educational platforms to establishing efficient sales strategies. Consistently marking significant achievements in revenue enhancement, her primary success lies in ensuring exemplary aesthetic results for her clients. Blending vast experience with innovation and unwavering commitment, Cheyanne Mallas stands out as a powerhouse in her domain.

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An About Face With Special Guest, Cheyanne Mallas, Cosmetic PA & Sculptura Aesthetic Expert

#29 - An About Face With Special Guest, Cheyanne Mallas, Cosmetic PA & Sculptura Aesthetic Expert


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Daniela: Hi, and welcome to another episode of Honest AF Show with me Daniela Clark, and the very lovely.



Barbara: Barbara Ann Wild. Hello, everybody.



Daniela: So today we have a guest that we're going to introduce in a little bit that's come to visit us in this studio. First off, Barb and I have been hanging out, we had a sleepover at our first COVID sleepover. Last night, Barb came over. What did we do, we hung out by the pool, and oh, and then Barb had a massage. I arranged for the lovely Barbara Ann to have a massage, and just get some relaxation. And we had some champagne. And we just hung out by the pool, and had a good time. And then we went out to dinner. And it was so much fun.



Barbara: It was so fun and so perfect and so well needed, we needed to do this. We've been talking about it for a long time. And the massage was, like, off the charts amazing. And it was just a really good time. And we got to spend time together without anybody and just you know, talked and had incredible homemade Italian pasta. 


Daniela: Oh,my God it was so good. 



Barbara: Incredible. And you know what, Honest AF has definitely been the light of COVID. It has been the one shining happy moment throughout this whole ordeal for me personally. So getting to spend the night with you and hanging out here and just having like, girl time was just invaluable. 



Daniela: The only thing we forgot to do is have a pillow fight. 



Barbara: Oh, yes. [Laughs] Topless pillow fight. But we’ll reserve that for the next one.



Daniela: Topless pillow fight. Right? 



Barbara: Yeah, that's what all girls do when they have a sleepover. 




Daniela: Yeah, exactly. Well, the good thing was Gilby is out of town and Barb was like, “You know what, I'm going to come over. We're going to have a sleepover. We're going to hang out, do some girl talk, catch up”. And we watched Housewives of Beverly Hills. We had to catch up on all that smut. That was awesome. But yeah, so we just did a bunch of girl talk, which was really fun. It was so needed. Barb, I have to tell you. I was reading. I woke up. I saved this for the podcast today. Because I was like, “Okay, we're talking so much”. We were up all night talking. And I thought we were talking so much. We're not going to have anything to say on the podcast. We're going to like to stare at each other. But no, not so much.


Barbara: Never. I can’t imagine us never having something to talk about.


Daniela: Yeah. Oh, and we went to Sephora this morning. We managed that one too, didn't we? We've been busy. But I woke up this morning, and I was reading the news on my phone. And there was a really interesting article about COVID and how it's affecting people financially, because people are obviously out of work. I know a lot of people know teachers, musicians, people that work in restaurants and everything are out of work. A lot of people are really struggling. 


What I really didn't take into account because it never dawned on me. And Barb, I'm sure you know where this is going.


Barbara: I do.


Daniela: I was reading about the Red Light district in Amsterdam. And how all those because prostitution there is legal, how they are out of work. You know, and the minute that COVID hit, they all you know lost all their clients. How have you been to the Red Light District in Amsterdam? I'm sure you have too. 


Barbara: I have to.


Daniela: And they have to shut down. And so all the prostitutes, who were making a lot of money. By the way, I was reading this article, and Barb there's still hope for us. One of the prostitutes that they were interviewing is 56 years old. 


Barbara: That's awesome. 


Daniela: And she said that she was making something like $1,600 a week.



Barbara: Very nice. We’ve got to move to Amsterdam, if we're allowed to go there since we're banned from Europe right now.


Daniela: Yeah, they don't even want our kind right now. I never thought of that. But yeah, they're also they were thinking that maybe during when this whole COVID thing started, they were thinking okay, back in the day, you know, when there's STDs and stuff, people have to get tested, and maybe they just don't kiss and they just, do the deed and that's it and rubbers and all that. But then they got completely shut down. They're not able to make a living, either.


Barbara: Wow. You know, it's so funny. I saw an article like that maybe a week ago about the Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas has also shut down. Like the first time in like, however many years that place has been in existence.


Daniela: Really? 


Barbara: So Vegas is having this.


Daniela: That’s amazing. 


Barbara: They close down the strip, so I'm sure they also close down all the brothels or whatever they are. I don't know what they are.


Daniela: When's the last time you went to Amsterdam? When were you in the Red Light district?


Barbara: A while it was probably the first or second Aussie tour. 


Daniela: We have to ask our guests if. Have you ever been to Amsterdam to the Red Light district?


Cheyanne: I have not.


Daniela: Okay. It is.



Barbara: It is a treat.



Daniela: It is a treat. It is a site. We went. I haven't been in ages. But the time that we went was back when Gilby was in Guns and Roses. And we all went all the guys and all the girlfriends, wives whatever it is that called “Wags”, wives and girlfriends, we all went to the Red Light District and there was a place there. Oh my God, did you ever go into the banana bar? 


Barbara: Where they have the live sex show? 


Daniela: No, that was a different place. I went to the live sex show too. That was unreal, because they were like on a circular bed, a moving bed. The same one. That was unreal. I remember we're sitting there and watching this live section. It was on a bed that rotated. And then first it starts out with this girl. And then and then a guy joins her. And then another guy joins her and then another girl joins her. And that was a lot to see.



Barbara: Everyone sitting in the audience in their attire that they were to like an incredible opera Broadway show or something. And they like eating their chocolate and watching this live sex show. I was sitting there with Zach, I think I was maybe 19 or 20. And how is this erotic like, this is the most bizarre. I don't understand. What is this supposed to do for you?


Daniela: I think I just sat there and giggled the entire time. I think I just could not even myself. I was just giggling. But the banana bar now that is some talented women that work there. I was blown away. Okay, first of all, so you go to the banana bar, and you walk in, and the women are dancing on the bars, and they can aim a banana at anybody walking in and shoot it from their…


Barbara: Lady parts.


Daniela: Yes.


Barbara: Wow. That's talent.


Daniela: They can shoot it across the room- now that is control. It was really astonishing. 


Barbara: They must really be used to it.


Daniela:  And I was like, “Why do they call this a banana bar?” And I walked in and found out. I'm totally off topic right now. But we'll get back to this, I promise. One of the things that was really astonishing was there was a girl that worked at the bar, and you're like, you sit at the bar, and the girls dance on top of the bar. And the girl says to Gilby and I “Would you like a postcard from pussy?” And I'm like, “Excuse me?” And she goes, “Would you like to buy a postcard?” And I'm like, “What does this mean?” Okay, fine. So we said, sure. She takes the pen sticks it up--


Barbara: You’re blushing right now.



Daniela: Am I?


Barbara: Yes.


Daniela: I can't believe that. I think it's just hot here. 


Barbara: It is hot.


Daniela: But she takes the pen, and she sticks it up. Whoo-hoo ha. And she squatted over a postcard and said “Who would you like me to address the postcard to?” So at the time we used Gilby’s attorney. So she writes him this postcard, “Dear blah, blah blah. With Love from pussy.” And the best penmanship you've ever seen. It might even rival producer Lisa's penmanship. 


Barbara: That is talent.


Daniela: Talent. I was like, “No, this woman needs to teach a class. This is unbelievable. And the control.”


Barbara: She doesn't even need my Lilo balls or any of the LV or any of those Kegel exercising contraptions. 


Daniela: No, this woman was sheer talent. But anyways, I digress as usual. Barb, anything going on with you before we introduce our lovely guest?


Barbara: Not anything more than what's been going on since March.


Daniela: Same old. Same old.


Barbara: It's very exciting having a sleepover last night and getting together with you. Not really too much new. School starts virtually on Tuesday. So I will be in hell for the next however many months until we're past all of this hope God willing interplay, but I'm not too much new. I'm super excited that we have a guest here today. She's extraordinary. Talking about talent. This is the talent we need, though. We don't really need the talent that you're talking about. Our guest today is Cheyanne Mallas, who is a physician's assistant. And she specializes in all the things that we talk about all the time. 


Daniela: God bless you Cheyanne. 


Barbara: Cheyanne. Welcome to Honest AF Show. We're happy to have you.



Cheyanne: Thank you so much for having me.


Barbara: I think it's super interesting. And everyone should know how you even started because this wasn't your first desire. You got here by way of being an artist, correct?


Cheyanne: Correct. I have had nine lives. I think prior to go into PA school, I actually lived in the South of France and worked as a perfumer.


Daniela: Oh I love that.


Barbara: Total dream.


Daniela: I want to retire there like Brigitte Bardot and walk the flea markets and just be left alone.


Cheyanne: I lived near Grass outside of Grass and lived there for about four years. Then I decided I wanted to do something a little bit more profound with my life and had I sort of change trajectories and move back to New York. Since I'd never taken a science class before, put me on a new path. So I did a postback program in premedical sciences and then PA school was the shortest path to be doing what I wanted to be doing.


Barbara: It's amazing and you're trilingual. 


Cheyanne: I am, I speak French, Italian and Spanish and a little bit of English.


Barbara: So it's so interesting to me that you have had such a diverse path to where you are and basically you are still an artist, in my opinion. 


Cheyanne: Thank you. 


Barbara: Your relationship with Sculptura is something interesting.


Daniela: Something I'm so interested in Sculptura because I've heard a lot about it.


Barbara: I love Sculptura, it's one of the most versatile products on the market. I’m a trainer for Galderma Aesthetics, a company that makes Sculptra and also faculty for them. So I can answer all your Sculptura questions.



Daniela: Oh, good I have so many.


Barbara: Is it your preference? It's not exactly filler, right? 


Cheyanne: It's a bio stimulator to help your body grow collagen. So my specialty is structural rejuvenation, so regenerative aesthetics which I really believe it's the future of cosmetic medicine. So there are two bio stimulators on the market today, one is called Radius and other is Sculptura. So Radius when we change the rheology, the physiological makeup of it, we can alter it from working as a volumizing agent to becoming a dermal restructuring one. And in layman's terms, what that means that you're going to grow collagen, ideally type one collagen over time. So time is the key word with both of these bio stimulators; Sculptura and Radius. The goal would be over the year long period, at three month intervals, we repeat the treatments and then we are slowly flipping the pyramid back to the ‘triangle of youth’ so to speak, as we're increasing the type one collagen and elastin levels and the markers for Neocallogenesis and Neo Angiogenesis which is like new blood vessel formation and collagen formation, all these things.


Daniela: So, I had a conversation with somebody not too long ago and she was saying her husband's a plastic surgeon. And she was saying that Sculptura is like the thing to do, rather than doing fillers or any other injectables or even going down the line of having to get a facelift or procedure. She said the first thing to do is to get Sculptura because she explained to me that it's like a fertilizer that helps to grow collagen. It doesn't give you filler. It doesn't fill you up. It gives you like a temporary filling kind of look or feel because you're putting something into your skin, but then it dissipates and it's not really a filler; it just helps to cultivate.



Cheyanne: Right so don't get me wrong. I love that hyaluronic acids like all the gels on the market, but one treats the symptom of aging, which is volume loss, the other treats the cause of aging, which is the loss of collagen.


Daniela: My stomach is rumbling. I’m so hungry.


Cheyanne: So, the gels are great, it'll give you an immediate result and immediate correction. So like for people, I think we live well. We definitely live in a 24/7 world, good, bad or indifferent. Nobody has the patience to wait for the time it takes to see the growth of bio stimulatory products. So the gels are great, but again, they treat the symptoms of aging, not the cause, and they last six to 12 months. With the Sculptra the study ended at 25 months. But what we're seeing is that the long-term background collagen production lasts for years to come. So it truly is the fountain of youth for your face and for your body.


Daniela: Oh my God, that's such good news. Why don't you explain to us the procedure? Is it painful? And is it just like getting an injection or is it a little bit more invasive?


Cheyanne: So it's just like getting an injectable in the sense of a needle being involved. So Sculptra has to be prepared in advance. So it's diluted in water. And then on the day of injection, an aesthetic is added to it. So it's as pain free as possible. So I would compare it on a pain scale to probably the same as getting filler. The difference when you go home, the instructions are you have to massage five minutes, five times a day for five days. And you'll think I'm a genius when you leave the office immediately, because your face is going to look flawless. Then about three days later, it's all going to go away. 


Daniela: Because that's what I was talking about. 


Cheyanne: Yeah. And then you have to patiently sit and wait and watch the collagen seedling grow.


Daniela: I think that's the key is that, not everything is instant. And we kind of have to retrain ourselves, to realize that something like that it's not something that you're going to see instantly as a result. But it's over time, rather than seeing your face, get wrinkly and crepey and fall to the ground, you're going to see that it lasts a little longer,



Cheyanne: It lasts for years to come. So what I've been trying to tell everybody when it comes to consultation is if you start a new diet or lifestyle change wherever you want to call it for eight weeks, what are the changes you're going to see in eight weeks? Maybe you've lost four pounds, or lost an inch off your waist, but you feel better, right? So Sculptura is the same thing. I'm a big proponent of skin health and that starts with diet, obviously exercise and antioxidant rich diet. Also, what you put on your face topically and then also what I can put in your face with needles. So with Sculptura, you're working in reverse. So you're going from bone to fat to skin. So the Sculptura not only helps with collagen production, it helps with bone loss and bone prevention. So for anyone over the age of 45, you are going to start to experience some bone loss.


Daniela: Yeah.


Daniela: And it definitely helps that you're maintaining the architecture of a natural and youthful face.


Daniela: Wow. Do you think that there's an age where you should get it or where it's more effective, less effective?


Cheyanne: I would love for any, all of my patients who are doing Sculptura. Obviously, the younger you are, the more active fibroblast you have. Fibroblasts are what make collagen. After the age of 25 break down more collagen then we make so it requires a bit more product to get the same results. So if the youth of today could start Sculptura just for preservation and maintenance, that would be ideal. 


Daniela: It doesn't change your looks or anything like that. It just preserves the collagen.


Cheyanne: They will thank me for years to come. They, unfortunately, want immediate gratification. So it's unusual when I get a young person that will agree to it. But right now, I would say probably 35 and up are people that I'm starting to do Sculptura on.


Daniela: Wow. Okay. Yeah. Is it too late for somebody in their 50s or 60s? Or is it still good for them too?



Cheyanne: Obviously, it's based on skin tone and texture. If someone's a smoker, or they have a lot of damage. Take into account if it's somebody that is in good shape and doesn't have a lot of like atrophy or things like this or even someone with a lot of facial wasting will get a really good result. It would just take more product.


Daniela: Facial wasting? That is a term I do not ever want to hear again.


Cheyanne: What's most interesting about Sculptura is it was first FDA approved in 2003 for HIV patients with LiPo atrophies, so facial wasting. 


Barbara: Yeah, that wasting. 


Cheyanne: And then in 2009, it received cosmetic approval. 


Daniela: Wow. 


Cheyanne: So the dilutions changed. So back then they were trying to figure out what is the right dilution. And to this day, there are very few people that inject Sculptra, it requires a lot of skill and expertise. And if you ask every one of us how we dilute our Sculptra, you're going to get a different answer. And one is not right or wrong, that's where artistic knowledge comes into play. And it's what the injector feels is going to give the best result.

Daniela: Interesting. It depends on the person how many Sculptura injections you should get?


Cheyanne: A good rule of thumb is you need one vial for every decade of your life.


Daniela: One vial for every decade of your life, oh dear. 


Cheyanne: So if you're 40, you need four vials. But I always say give or take, in case you don't respond well, after the first treatment of Sculptura, you'll see about a 10 to 20% improvement you start to see the most after the second treatment. And the treatments ideally should be spaced out at eight-week intervals. But it's not expensive. So I understand for budgetary reasons, we may not be able to do it at the exact eight-week intervals, but somewhere between eight and 12 weeks would be ideal to repeat the process and then obviously photos I'm a big proponent of that capitation because it helps the patient and me as the provider, visualize the changes. We live in this 24/7 world; they're expecting the results of a facelift or whatever. And it's not that and then when they see the photos, they’re like, “Oh wow, I do look different. My jawline is tighter. My cheeks are elevated, my temples are less hollow. I look like I did 10 years ago”, which is what you want to hear. I don't do anything.



Daniela: It's amazing. Amazing news.


Cheyanne: It's the best. You can put it anywhere on your body and your hands. 


Daniela: Anywhere on your body?


Cheyanne: On your hands, in your neck and your decilte.


Daniela: Oh, no way. 


Cheyanne: A big thing that I do is Sculptura buttlifts. So, I put it in the button.


Daniela: In the butt?


Cheyanne: For gluteal augmentation. Yeah. 


Daniela: Oh, that's amazing. So how much does an injection typically take?


Cheyanne: That would be practice dependent. In my office for the face, it's $1,000, a vial. Sometimes there are promotions going on. And Galderma is great. They have a rewards program called “spiral rewards” for all patients to sign up to and there's usually a reward certificate or $50. Or each month, they offer something so you can save some money.


Daniela: So if you're experiencing like, creepy neck, you can put in?

Cheyanne: You can, or you can use Hyper Deli Radius, which is what I use more to be. I think it's more effective in the neck than Sculptura in the sense that one causes a greater inflammatory reaction and the other is a more controlled one. 


Barbara: Okay, well, that's the reason why I wait to see you is because I'm Dr. Rupki and I would mention Sculptura to him or I would mention certain things to him, and he loves Voluma and he loves certain hyaluronic acid fillers. But when he announced that you were going to be there on Fridays, and that your Sculptura specialist and Daniella just told me about the plastic surgeons saying the “Sculptura, Sculptura, Sculptura”, I was like, “Okay, I've got to check this out”. I went to you. My neck was my, you know, my main issue and I have to go back for my second treatment, but I find like, I'm super excited about it because I will do everything before I have surgery. 


Cheyanne: You and me both. 


Barbara: I'm hoping that maybe our daughters will get to be in a place where you don't have to have surgery anymore. I feel like you know, we always talk about facelifts. I'm like, “Not till we’re 60 at least like we're not going there.”



Daniela: I’d love to get one of those lower facelifts.


Cheyanne: Dr Chicano?


Daniela: Dr. Chicano’s…


Cheyanne: Deep clean.


Daniela: Deep clean facelift. That's my mission right now. 


Cheyanne: Sonia?


Barbara: I said she asked to see you first. I said you have to see Cheyanne first and see what she says because I think she could pick your neck up because mine is already looking great. And I've only had one treatment, so I feel really good about it. Do you find that people grow collagen from Sculptura differently? Not just age wise, but different people have different results? Do you have to gauge when you put it in and then you see them eight weeks later? Are you surprised sometimes that some people had a better result than others? And then you adjust as you go. You don't know right. When you first put it in you're hopeful. Or is it the same for everybody across the board?


Cheyanne: No, it's not the same. It's like Nobody wears their Botox the same or Sculptura. For me also how I look at the face. I'm a big proponent that skin should always reflect light, anytime of day, morning, noon, and night. So as I'm talking to a patient when they're in the exam room, I'm looking at the light reflexes. So I'm thinking about where I am going to place the Sculptura.


Daniela: You were saying that you study the shadows a lot. 


Cheyanne: Totally. Yeah, the face is a wonderful interplay of shadows and contours. So with the Sculptura, it gives me the ability to restore the contour, which is unusual, because you don't always have that option. And then that changes the shadows, and the light reflects, and someone looks more youthful. Then you always want glowing healthy skin and skin health from diet and exercise to what you're putting in your face. And at this point in my life, if I'm putting something in my face, I want to know that it's doing something good for me. So growing collagen and causing a tight--


Daniela: Are you using Sculptura?


Cheyanne: Yes, I've had to Sculptura on my face. 


Daniela: Because you're young I can tell you. 


Cheyanne: Yes, I am. Thank you.


Barbara: Well, to have all the medical school behind you and all the things that you've done, you look very young.


Cheyanne: Thank you. It's all the Sculptura in my face.


Daniela: Sign me up.


Barbara: I'm so excited about it. What do you feel the most excited about, like come and be because you're also an educator and you're very involved in the process and teaching other physicians assistants?


Cheyanne: And physicians and everybody. Yeah, everybody.


Barbara: Totally. Is there something new on the horizon or what are you most excited about that you're doing right now?


Cheyanne: So there are lots of new things coming. There are new forms of Botox and I use it as a verb because we have four different types of neurotoxins on the market. 


Barbara: I love Botox. I said that to Daniela, “Can you imagine like our poor mothers like they had to just like look in the mirror and say--


Daniela: This is really funny because like with my mom, I took her to go get Botox. I'm like, “Mom, you need to go get Botox. Come with me to get Botox.” She’s like, “Why do I need Botox? I'm fine with it. If I'm fine with the way I look, why does it bother you?” I'm like, “Because you're giving me a sneak peek into the future?” I don’t want to see it because I look exactly like my mom. So I know that my mom and I have the same genetics.


Cheyanne: Is she thin like you?


Daniela: She’s a little curvier than me. My mom was in the 70s with the frickin tin foil om the beach and the baby oil. So, was always frying her skin. It shows now. And so I, whenever I saw my mom, I was like, “Mom, you've got to go get Botox”, and she's like, “I can't believe you're dragging me to Botox. It doesn't bother me. It shouldn't bother you initially.” 


Cheyanne: Did she like the results?


Daniela: She loved it. Now my mom loves it. Now. She's like, “I want to go get more Botox”. I’m like mmhmm, see. 


Barbara: I can’t imagine what that was like. I have to accept getting old. I'm like, “I will never accept it”.



Daniela: Like that's the thing. People looked a lot older back then because if you think about it, like our parents and their friends, when they were in their 40s to us, they looked like they were in their 60s. Now.


Cheyanne: Look at JLo. 


Daniela: Yeah, amazing. Look at JLo. Look at Cindy Crawford. Look at Jennifer Aniston.


Cheyanne: Or even look at Cher I just posted. Did you see that? 


Barbara: I saw that. 


Daniela: People look a lot younger now. It's really unbelievable. No one looks 50-year-old, women do not look 50 anymore. 


Cheyanne: No. 


Daniela: So I mean, you're never going to look 30 but you can look good for your age, which is good.


Cheyanne: It is all that matters. So healthy glowing skin and take care of yourself and body and lifestyle.


Daniela: Here is the dead giveaway…


Cheyanne: The neck.


Daniela: And the hands. The hands are the dead giveaway.


Cheyanne: Those are two things that would tell every woman over 40 to spend their money on it. The third would be Botox and I use it as a verb in case any of the companies I work for are listening.


Barbara: Interesting. So tell me about the hands.


Daniela: Okay, so what can I do about the hands?


Cheyanne: You look very veiny in your hands.


Daniela: I’m very veiny and thin skinned on my hands and I've been washing dishes and cooking my whole life and never work gloves.



Cheyanne: And now wash your hands 15 times a day.


Daniela: Yeah, alcohol dousing. My hands are always dry. I can never have enough lotion on. But the thing that bothers me the most is how veiny I am. I've always been like that. But now it's even worse. Now that I'm older. I'm really self-conscious about it.


Cheyanne: So I would recommend we put some radius in your hands. So Radius grows collagen like Sculptura, which is what you want, If you are anti Radius, because you can't dissolve Radius. So hyaluronic acid can be dissolved. So for whatever reason, I always like to give everyone the option if you think tomorrow, you may change your mind and not like it Restaurant lift is another great option. That's sort of what I have in my hands. 


Barbara: Look at your hands.  


Daniela: I love my gosh, lovely and luscious and yum.


Cheyanne: Yes. I have four syringes of the restaurant lift done about a year ago. Two syringes in each hand.


Daniela: Wow. Oh, that looks so good. You think that'll help me?


Cheyanne: 100%.


Daniela: Wow. Okay.


Cheyanne: Full on game changer because you're so thin and tiny. And it will definitely improve the veiny look for sure.


Daniela: Oh good. That is a hot tip hands if you're listening.


Barbara: The thing that was so exciting to me was the neck because that's the other area. I've always been militant about sunscreen. Yeah, I don't have sun damage or whatever on my chest or whatever. But I felt so much laxity in my neck and when you showed me befores and after I was like I don't have to have a facelift. I haven't even gone for the second treatment, but I felt like instantly everything was tighter. How does it work on the neck? Why is it still just building the collagen and because it was a two-part thing? Right? So it was Botox for addressing one situation in the neck and then Sculptra addressing another.


Cheyanne: Yeah, any of the neurotoxins Soseum and Boat talks or Disport, you can put them into the artisanal bands, which are great, especially if someone exercises a lot. They'll probably have very prominent. 


Daniela: Yeah, that’s what I do. I put them into the bands.


Cheyanne: And they'll give you what we call an FTD necklift; nicely elongated Swan like neck. Hyper dilute radius is great, or Sculptura is also great for any laxity that you have in the neck. 


Daniela: Yes, the turkey gobbly thing.


Cheyanne: Or creepiness that you see.


Barbara: Yeah, it is really just--


Cheyanne: Or the technic is that people also like to call it like just from being on their phones all day long. That's just the loss of collagen. So it's great. Treatments are recommended at eight-week intervals. You'll start to see an increase in type one collagen, this was all studied with biopsies and things like that at the three-month mark, but actually what I'm seeing, finding my patients kind of like what you said, you see the changes sooner. And I have patients that are so over the moon, they want to come back in six weeks and just do it sooner. They think the more they do it, the tighter it's going to be.



Daniela: You're not going to get rid of me. You're going to be seeing me every Friday for the next couple of weeks.


Cheyanne: I loved it. I had it done to me twice when I saw the changes on myself. I was like, “This is amazing”. 


Daniela: That’s what I need.


Cheyanne: I need to have it done again. But the person that injected me is in England, and I can't go see her right now. We're banned from England. 


Barbara: You were starting to tell us some of the things that you're really excited about that are coming on the scene?


Cheyanne: There are a lot of clinical trials now that are under investigation, there are going to be new forms of neuromodulators with clickers on sets of action, like a couple of hours versus…


Barbara: Wow.


Cheyanne: Yes so they're all in the preliminary stages. But lots of exciting things are coming.


Barbara: That’s very exciting. I have a question that I've actually asked another doctor and I wanted to get your opinion. 


Cheyanne: Sure. 


Barbara: What do you think about all the collagen supplements, collagen drinks, you know, all the different things that you can buy that have collagen in it to ingest? Do you think that that's helpful or is it not?


Cheyanne: The clinical answer is no, there is no scientific data to prove that--


Barbara: Exactly what the doctor told us.


Cheyanne: That it's going to do anything.


Barbara: I like to get second opinions. 


Cheyanne: However, there is a product called Jevem, I put all my Sculptura patients on it. It's a collagen supplement, made by Ensure. I like it for other reasons because it's packed with amino acids. And I do think it does help with collagen growth. In addition, your face will also become very glowy and dewy. 


Barbara: Okay.


Cheyanne: The negative of the Jevem, the flavors is like a Kuwaiti type flavor. So it's a little hard. It's not very palatable. Even if you diluted it--


Daniela: Sounds right up our alley.



Barbara: As long as it's not artificial sweetener, sign us up.


Cheyanne: I just saw a WWE wrestler for her second Sculptura treatment and she goes, “Eff it. I'm just going to take it like a shot”. I said, “What do you mean?” She's like, I'm going to dilute it in the least amount of water”. I said, “That's genius. I'm torturing myself with like two liters of water trying to get it down”. She's like, “No, just get it down in one shot”. 


Barbara: Like tequila. 


Daniela: Yeah, we can do that. Yeah, I mean, we all know we've guzzled worse.


Barbara: We'll do anything for beauty. Well, we're on board. 


Cheyanne: Yeah. 


Barbara: And so, you said your other most requested procedure is the Sculptura butt lifts?


Cheyanne: What am I doing the most these days? Sculptura, butt, neck, lips, and probably Botox. But then it comes in stages, a lot of under eyes, especially now, since everyone's wearing their masks all day, the eyes--


Barbara: Are now the focus.


Cheyanne: The eyes are the focus. So I've been doing a lot of under eye restoration, which also gives the ability to do more lower face rejuvenation so that they can hide under their mask while they're recovering.


Barbara: There's been a couple of beautiful things that have come through this. The time that you could spend with your family.


Cheyanne: For sure. 


Barbara: The free time whenever we are ever going to have that again. But the fact that you can hide from all the procedures. Now we just have to figure out how we hide out from our husbands because they don't always go away. I saw Dr. Rifkin post a really funny meme the other day about a little girl and said, “What did you tell your husband when he asked you where you got all your Botox bruises?” And she just had this little I don't know expression on her face. We laughed because we plan everything around our husbands who are musicians when they're out of town. 


Daniela: Yeah, but now we're at the doctor, it's like we're having affairs with our doctors.



Cheyanne: That's so funny.


Barbara: Now we're not so lucky. My son's eight years old now. But when he was a toddler, it was easy to say, “Oh, he head butted me”. That's where I got Botox bruises. Now we’re not in anymore. 


Daniela: Oh my God, my girlfriend tried to tell me that one time. I ran into an old friend of mine that you know, too, but I won't name her here in case she doesn't want anybody to know. But she had her lips done. And clearly, she had her lips done. And I ran into her and I'm like, “Oh my God”. She had like this big bruise. And she's like, “Oh, I ran into a wall”. I'm like, “Mmhm sure you did. Same wall I was always run into.” 


Barbara: We know that wall. We've done that before. And actually, that's one place that I haven't done anything. I've never done anything to my lips.


Daniela: I've never done my lips. Yeah, I have run into walls several times for other things.


Barbara: Daniel is in mine. I'm not sure about yours but our generation didn't want larger tissues. This is Generation Ass that's going on right now. 


Daniela: Yeah. 


Barbara: So I get well that's the thing now.


Daniela: We’re the heroin chic 90s Kat Moss generation that you had to be as thin as possible.


Barbara: And then later on it was--


Cheyanne: Then you spend all the money to put it back in your face.


Barbara: Exactly. Right.


Daniela: That's the thing you can't and life kids listen up. It's a very important lesson in life. You have to choose between your ass or your face; Cannot say both.


Barbara: That's exactly right. And that is really true.


Cheyanne: We're all so obsessed with being so skinny. And then after 30 your face. No, you're spending it all.


Barbara: You gotta love this generation though. They're all about being thick. Unlike shit. If I was a youthful person in this generation, I'd be styling. I wouldn't be worried about that. I'd be like, “Oh, I'm going to eat more because everyone likes a thicker butt and thick legs. It's like I've thick legs and it's like I've spent my whole life trying not to.” So it's a whole different world out there right now.



Daniela: It's a different perspective on beauty now and that happens in every decade; things change in beauty. I don't care what it is as long as you're healthy.


Cheyanne: I think that's probably good for like- you have young sons and no daughters, right?


Barbara: My daughter is my oldest. 


Cheyanne: How old is she? 


Barbara: 28


Cheyanne: Okay, so she's not 14 right now but growing up. But I think it probably has to be healthier for a young woman. A positive body image versus the Twinges and Kate Moss of the day.


Barbara: I don’t know because they have these teeny tiny waists like and then these giant…


Daniela: Some of it is enhanced also.


Barbara: Well, that's what I'm saying.


Daniela: The butts are not real. They're removing ribs and wearing these things to make their waist so tiny that stuff I'm not a fan of.


Barbara: I'm saying the Centaur body, which is what I refer to it as, isn't natural either. So I mean for most people to be thicker maybe is but it's so exaggerated that most of these girls are going to have to do something if they want to achieve those results. Most people gain weight evenly, you're not going to just gain it in your tush. So let me ask you a question about that. Is that permanent?


Cheyanne: The study ended up 25 months so the official answer I can give is that it lasts two years. However, what I'm seeing now is again, same for the phase long term background collagen production lasts for years to come. So once I finished the series, I have patients come once a year with one or two vials just for maintenance, like skin tightening, things like that.


Barbara: But if you were to go really crazy, and then you stop Are you just going to have saggy skin?


Cheyanne: No, you're growing your own collagen, so you're maintaining a perky booty. And if you're doing it at that age-- a very famous celebrity, she wouldn't let me post her photos, which is a bummer because she had a great butt to start with and we made it even greater with some Sculptura. We put 72 vials of Sculptura in it.


Daniela: 72? That’s $72,000.


Cheyanne: For the butt that pricing changes little bit.


Daniela: Okay.


Cheyanne: Yeah. Over time. So over 24 weeks, so I'm about to see her back for the photos she's little. She must have weighed 80 pounds or 90 pounds.


Daniela: 80 pounds?


Cheyanne: She’s tiny. And it just looks great. It's perky, it's lifted, it looks like she's been training for--



Barbara: You are such an artist, though. Looking at your before and after and even the way you approach everything you can tell that you have a background in art. And I think that any esthetician or nurse that has a degree to give an injection, are not all skilled or artists. You said you study the light, where angles are supposed to be, where things would look better. I noticed that you're also doing what you call a Hip…


Cheyanne: Hip dips?


Barbara: Hip dip. 


Cheyanne: There seems to be more of a mass delusion of hip dip correction post Corona. I don't know why.


Daniela: What is that?


Cheyanne: So they’re genetic. When you look at your butt it sort of comes in this way? 


Daniela: Oh, yeah. 


Cheyanne: Yeah. You can't fix that with squats or lunges, but Sculptura can.


Daniela: I like that. I thought that looked good.


Cheyanne: From the twiggy days.


Daniela: It looks athletic.


Barbara: But that was interesting, too. You did a little bit of my jaw line and my neck which was bothering me. You had said to me, “Do you like the hollowness under the cheekbones? Or is that something some people do and some people don't?” I prefer it because I like to be more angular. Genetically I'm more round so I want to be less round. 


Cheyanne: Me too.


Barbara: I think it's interesting though, because if you don't have an artist's eye, you're not going to bring out those beautiful- everyone's going to look the same. You don't want everyone to look the same. another funny meme this morning where it was, like, they showed a child, a little girl. They said, “This is what puberty used to do”. It showed a normal woman who is just pretty, and they showed now what puberty does and they had the same little girl. She had fox eyes, ginormous cheeks, lips that were put out. And it was just so funny, because it's true. It's almost like, when I was growing up, it was like the 16- to 18-year-old girl was the prerequisite nose job, with all the Italian girls that I grew up with, and different ethnicities that it was kind of like. Now it's like, you're turning that age, you're going to get your Kylie Jenner type of the thing. So I think it's really important to have someone who is an artist so that everyone looks like a better version of themselves. 


Cheyanne: I agree. 


Barbara: So I think that that's really super important. One of the things that we like to ask too, is I know you're a proponent of and you've said it several times, a full program like mind, body soul. It's what you eat, what you use on your skin, going to see the right doctor or physician.


Daniela: I have a quick question, though. Is there anything people can do if they can't afford it? What if people can't afford to get something like Sculptura? Is there any other way?


Barbara: Absolutely start with a good skincare regimen. So the three things everybody should be putting on their face every day is an antioxidant in the morning to combat the free radicals are, your SPF obviously and even when it's cloudy SPF as well, because UV gets through the clouds. At night, use retinol or retinoid. Retinoid would be a prescription product. And for people that haven't started using them, I would recommend starting with a retinol and over the counter. And they do have the tendency to make your skin red or irritated. And if that does happen, you're either using too much of the product, I would use less and also use it every other night or every third night. 



Barbara: I was going to ask you, I was going to ask you do you have a favorite product you can't live without? Not injectable.


Cheyanne: Topical? 


Barbara: Yeah. 


Cheyanne: Yeah, I'm obsessed with the skincare line. And I hope they're listening because I would love them to send you products because I have to pay full price for them too. It's called “Skin Better Science”. Absolutely. Of their products I use their interfuse under eye cream and their antioxidant serum Beat SkinCeuticals head-to-head in the clinical trial. It's called “Alto Defense”. It's ridiculously expensive, but it's amazing. And they also have a great retinoid called “Alpharet” and it's great for sensitive skin too. 


Barbara: Where can you get these parts?


Cheyanne: From their website.


Barbara: Oh, that's super exciting. That's good to know.


Cheyanne: Yeah. All their stuff is amazing.


Daniela: Just quite expensive. You said you can put Sculptura anywhere, right?


Cheyanne: Anywhere, tighten up the bat wings on your arms.


Daniela: I was going to ask you that. 


Cheyanne: To put that in your knees. A lot of women over 40 don't like the creepiness in their knees.


Daniela: Exactly. And decolletage.

Cheyanne: And cellulite.


Daniela: Wow. Yeah. This is like a wonder. 


Cheyanne: It is the most versatile product on the market. 


Daniela: Wow, this is so exciting. Okay.


Barbara: That's amazing. 


Daniela: Yeah. 


Barbara: If you're thinking of doing these things, are there things that you suggest people do beforehand or not do? I was saying to you, I bruised. So I tried to be really conscientious of not taking my omegas like two weeks before I was able to get injections or whatever and I still bruise away.



Cheyanne: Advil, alcohol and a lot of things like St. John's wort and ginkgo or herbal supplements, blood thinners as well. Everybody's on everything trying to fight Corona at the moment. So it's a little bit hard. Bruising can happen, it shouldn't. We all do our best. So just do your best on your part to not have five bottles of wine before you come in. I remember last year; I was working on July 5th. 


Daniela: Oh God.


Cheyanne: Yes. You could still smell the alcohol and everybody coming in.


Daniela: Oh my goodness.


Cheyanne: I'm like “So did you have a drink last night?” They’re like, “No, no.” 


Barbara: Okay. You're going to bruise. 


Daniela: You're forgetting.


Cheyanne: Yeah, I'll use a cannula and I'll do my best but no guarantees.


Daniela: That's funny. All right. Well, do you have any other questions?


Barbara: The number one thing is, where do you feel that someone should start? So like, you're 40 and you're just starting to feel like everything's kind of like--


Daniela: Starting to slip away.


Cheyanne: At 40 and you've never done anything before.


Barbara: A lot of times we have listeners that will say to us, like, “I'm so and so and I'm just starting to feel like I'm getting hollow under my eyes”, or “I don't like the way my jawline looks”. I feel like a lot of people- and I was definitely one of them- the jaws were the first thing that was just like, I got to address that situation. We did a photo shoot, and I'm like, “No, no, no, we need to address that. But--


Daniela: She’s a little…


Cheyanne: We all have our thing that we all hone in on and especially now in Corona, everybody's honing in on their one flaw.


Daniela: Everybody's on the Zoom call. 


Cheyanne: Yes. 


Daniela: Kids minimize the window, do not look at yourself. 


Cheyanne: Do you know there's a thing on Zoom where you can like--


Daniela: They have filters? 


Cheyanne: Yes. 


Daniela: But then if you kind of move, the filter stays, and you're out of your filter. 


Cheyanne: Oh, I didn't know that. 


Daniela: She's very skilled with the--


Cheyanne: Filters. 


Daniela: Just minimize the strain so you don’t have to see it.



Cheyanne: I would say for someone just starting out who hasn't done anything start with Botox Dysport, Xeomin. Botox always makes everybody feel better in the sense they will lift up your eyebrows a little bit about a millimeter, two millimeters. So not enough to like your husband to notice, but enough for you to be like, “Oh, my eyeshadow is going on easier”, something like that. So you'll just feel brighter and tighter and refreshed, and your skin will glow because now your pores are minimized from the toxin. I think that's always a great place for anyone to start and then come back.


Daniela: I never knew that. Because I always wondered like when you get Botox your skin looks a little bit more glowy. I'm like Why does that happen that you get a little shinier? 


Cheyanne: It's [inaudible]. 


Daniela: Oh, that's so interesting. Okay, cool. I learned something.


Cheyanne: And then come back. And obviously, if they're not using a good topical skincare regimen, start them on that in conjunction with Botox. I tell everybody it's a long-term relationship. It's not just a one off. So I'm trying to weed out like all the Groupon shoppers, because those are not people that are committed to face maintenance and wellbeing. It's a long-term relationship we're going to have together so try to map out a beauty plan for the year. So in three months, we'll do this in six months, we'll do this. So it's like your car requires maintenance. Your face requires maintenance too. 


Barbara: Do you notice a big difference in the trends? Dr. Rifkin and I were talking about it like years ago, everyone was filling their mid face and looking like chipmunks. We were watching the Housewives last night and I won't say the name. But one person doesn't look anything like she used to look. It's really sad because she's a very beautiful woman.


Cheyanne: She has a very masculine energy about her.


Barbara: Definitely. 


Cheyanne: Yeah.


Barbara: I think there's no angles anymore. It's all just round. But Dr. Rifkin was saying that the trend of filling up the mid face has kind of left us and less doctors are willing to do that. And they're wanting to not fill as much but more like Sculptura like build your own collagen.



Cheyanne: It's a good pan facial rejuvenation approach. You'll have people that come in that maybe have a super full mid face, and they'll need some Shin filler. So I would see a lot of people that need a lot of lower face work, whether it's correction. I do see a lot of corrective works people that have gone to other providers, and they come to me as the fixer.


Barbara: Wow.


Cheyanne: I've been getting a lot of that lately.


Barbara: Are they overdone or underdone?


Cheyanne: Overdone.


Barbara: Interesting.


Daniela: In LA, I think everybody's [inaudible].


Cheyanne: And its sort of like what you said, everyone looks very the same. 


Barbara: Yes.


Cheyanne: So you almost know who did the injecting because it's that same look that you see. 


Barbara: Interesting.  


Cheyanne: I agree with you 100%. Everyone should look like themselves, just a refreshed version of themselves.


Barbara: Themselves 10 years earlier.


Daniela: I've been noticing a trend also and maybe it's just me, a lot of women are getting these lips that like the cupid bow is just all cupid's bow. It's like these lips that go straight up.


Cheyanne: That's not my aesthetic but yes, I’ve been seeing that too. 


Daniela: You have been seeing that, interesting. Yeah. So I just say well, thank you so much. 


Cheyanne: Thank you for having me.


Daniela: For coming and sharing all your wealth of knowledge with us. We've learned so much.


Barbara: Thank you so much. 


Cheyanne: Thank you. 


Daniela: Please stay for our next two segments.


Cheyanne: Sure.


Daniela: We have a quick Daniela that we do, where we take a message from one of our listeners. And then we're going to do Barb's Bag of Tricks. First, we'll do a Dear Daniela. This particular one is really funny because it's actually not a Dear Daniela. It's kind of sort of it but we got a message from Jose and I'm not sure if it's his wife, girlfriend or sister, but they're an adorable couple. But Jose from Wichita, Kansas, Barb wants us to bring Honest AF to Kansas to Wichita and come and visit them. So don't threaten us with a good time. We'll show up.


Barbara: We do. We’ll do anything. As soon as we can get on a plane and get to you we’re there.



Daniela: Yeah. We will come and visit you. So make some space. Okay. So that was that. And then there was another Dear Daniela, that came in. And this is for you, Barb. She was asking us to address- it was Virginia. And she said, “Would you address hair in more depth for sure? Thank you, it would really help us out.” So I guess she wants to know about the best products for thin or fine hair, how to control frizz, that kind of stuff. So that's kind of more of a question. I just gave Barb a product not too long ago called “Wow”. And I bought it online and it's a great product to put in your hair after you get out of the shower. And oh my god, I can't even see it because it's on a silver bottle. I can't read it.


Barbara: It was going to be in my bag of tricks. So this is kind of like a little duel practice because I cannot live without Honest AF Beauty Mess. This is incredible. So since COVID, I have not had my hair trimmed since February. And my hair is literally inside my waistband when I have jeans on. It is so long and so crazy. And it's super--


Cheyanne: Lush locks.


Daniela: I know right.


Barbara: It is super frizzy. Daniela gave me this Wow. And it's by Color Wow. And it's called “Dream Coat”. It's a supernatural spray. And what you do is after your towel, dry your hair and you get out of the shower. It says that you should coat each section and blow dry your hair with a little bit of tension. 


Daniela: Put your hair into sections.


Barbara: I cheated a little. I can't be bothered with a round brush. It's way too much work for me. 


Cheyanne: It takes forever.


Daniela: And yours is so freaking long too. 


Barbara: I used a wet brush and did use a little bit of tension as I dried it. First of all, it says it lasts three to four shampoos it absolutely does. It keeps you from being breezy and it almost looks as if you flat iron your hair so it's almost like a Brazilian blowout without the harsh chemicals without the permanence. It is believable, everyone needs to get this product, especially if you have humidity situations with your hair on it is great. I am absolutely in love with this product. And as far as procedures and stuff. Obviously if you go to a dermatologist, the first thing that they're going to tell you to do is to look, if you're female minoxidil. I think it is two and a half percent, it's a lower percentage. If you're male 5%. It's something that will keep you from losing what you have. I don't know--


Cheyanne: Biotin as well.


Daniela: Right.


Barbara: I couldn't take biotin because biotin made me break out.


Cheyanne: Really?


Barbara: It has some sort of weird hormonal thing for me. But it is another thing that they recommend. And then Dr. Marrazzo de suggests first starting out with minoxidil or topical. He has one that he has made through a company that he sells in his office that has a retina in it. It has to be by a doctor's prescription. So it's like the step to a minoxidil that you could get over the counter. You put that in your hair, male or female. You could also use it in your eyebrows. He said you just have to be careful that it doesn't drip into your eyes. Then he likes the professional vitamins which have a lot of bytes and in them the Viviscal but the professional line that you can only get through a doctor's office; it's a white box, it's different. The ones that you see in the pharmacies, the pink box, they're still great, all the models use them. It's been around forever, and it really does work. But the white box, the professional grade is next level. Then there is the in-office procedure, the PRP.



Cheyanne: PRP is amazing. 


Barbara: PRP is amazing. Where we've talked about it. I've had it done under my eye, which I thought was a little less. To me it's like the middle between that and an under-eye filler.


Cheyanne: Yeah.


Barbara: It's really smooth. It's really great. But for your hair, they do the same procedure. They take your blood, they separate the plasma, they spin it and then they inject it into the hairline and scalp.


Daniela: Crocodile is bored with all this beauty talk? Are you bored?


Barbara: Then Dr. Marazzo de takes one other step that he does. It's a little bit more expensive but it's a one-time deal. And it's some sort of stem cell. plasma comes frozen so you go to him for the consultation, he orders it, and then he injects it in his office. And it's supposed to be like a one-time deal. 


Cheyanne: For hair?


Barbara: For hair growth he has done it for himself, and he highly recommends it. And if you go on his website,, his before and after are astounding. He showed an almost seven-year-old man in his 70s with almost such thinning hair almost not totally bald, but absolutely balding, who has thick, luscious, gorgeous hair again, and an older man too. 


Cheyanne: After how many treatments?


Barbara: So it's really amazing. It is expensive, but it's a one-time deal. It's $5,000 in and around $5,000. But it's not anything that you do more than once. You go back to see him a couple of months later. If you're not getting the growth back that he… 


Cheyanne: Swears by. 


Barbara: He'll do it again, but he hasn't. He's so excited because he's had nothing but incredible results. So that's what I would say.



Daniela: If you want to smooth your hair out, I love Philip B's Hair Oil I use that out every day. I've been using it for years. I love it so much. My hair is frizzy. And it really does help to kind of smooth it out, not especially now where I'm not even bothering to brush my hair anymore.


Cheyanne: And also sleep on satin pillowcases, I'm sure you ladies each have one, right? 


Daniela: Yes.


Cheyanne: They are from Sephora, your anti wrinkles, satin pillowcases. So you wake up with less. 


Daniela: Less hair. 


Cheyanne: Less fuzz, frizz. Yeah.


Barbara: And it's also really important. Cheyanne explained to me to be careful not to sleep with your face smushed to the pillow because one side of your face is going to be less…


Cheyanne: Symmetric.


Barbara: Symmetrical than your other.


Daniela: Yeah, and it's so true because I'm completely asymmetrical. On one side of my face, I've already seen this crease that's like becoming permanent because I sleep on it.


Barbara: Actually, it might be the massages. We got massages yesterday and her face was down on the thing. I think I had dents in my face. The guy was so amazing. 


Daniela: Shout out to Fred is amazing. 


Barbara: He concentrated on my neck and my face then we went to dinner. I'm like thank God it was dark and masks because I had indents everywhere. 


Daniela: I also come out of that massage looking wrinkled like a prune because I'm always squished into it, and I never get on my back. I'm always on my face.



Barbara: All of those things are so important to help us to feel better about ourselves and for your mental state. I think what you do Cheyanne and what any of the topicals or procedures if you feel good, you look good. That really is so important. I have another. I have quite a few more. I'm only going to do one more Bag of Tricks. Before I saw Cheyanne to help me make my neck look like it did when I was 25--


Daniela: I love this stuff.


Barbara: You gave it to me. So there is this silicone mask. Do you know that Cheyanne? 


Cheyanne: They're great.


Barbara: CO.


Daniela: They’re awesome especially for people like me that sleep on their face.


Barbara: Oh my god, this works. This is like no Granite. This is like Cinderella. So you put it on until midnight. You look divine. But then after midnight, you need to go find Cheyanne and get some--


Daniela: Turn the lights off.


Barbara: Well, exactly right, that's true. Give you the beer goggles. But honestly, I use this. I had a big St. Jude's Children's Hospital fundraising event. And Daniela had bought this for me. I had used it on my neck which was bothering me, my cheeks and under my eyes. You gave me one that was a full face. It was like a facelift in a little foil packet. You put them on and you sleep with them. You wake up and you take them off.


Daniela: You do look like a freak when you're sleeping. You look crazy. 


Barbara: You traumatize Gilby.


Cheyanne: What is Gilby saying?


Daniela: He's so used to me at this point with all my potions and hijinks that he just looks at him and he's like, “Oh my god, what is that?”


Barbara: I think Zack thinks like my skincare regimen at the end of the night is just so that he'll fall asleep so we will have to have sex because he'll be waiting for me in bed. “I just have to put on this cream and do this and wash my face and brush my teeth. I'll be right there”. He's like, “Yeah, I don't know. I fell asleep last night. Sorry, babe.” I'm thinking “Yeah, okay”, but he's got my number now. I think he's figured it all out. But anyway, so the SIO Beauty, it's S-I-O. It's on the website. You can find it at SIO And these patches, you take them off when you wake up. And it really does give you a face lift. 


Cheyanne: When you sleep in them?


Barbara: For me they do. 


Daniela: Yeah, and they work really well and they actually last--


Barbara: You can use them 15 times. It says as long as you put them back in the foil package.


Daniela: The trick is not to use lotion underneath them. 


Barbara: That's what I was going to say. You have to do it on very clean, dry skin. 


Daniela: So no moisturizer. 


Barbara: No. 


Daniela: Okay.


Barbara: And then it'll stay on, and it is amazing. 



Daniela: I wouldn't use it every

day. I would use it if you're going somewhere great. You want to look right that day, maybe that night, don't use your moisturizer and use the SIO instead. 


Barbara: Like I said, I use it for my St. Jude's fundraiser, and I felt amazing. But then, you know, when I came back to the hotel and took my makeup off and stuff, I was like, “Oh, okay, so this is only temporary. I need to go find someone and fortunately, I found you.” I highly recommend them. If it's the night before your wedding, or the night before a big awards ceremony or birthday, something really special. This really works. 


The company claims that if you use them all the time, it actually does have long-lasting effects. But I've only used them the night before something special. 


Daniela: So I don’t like not being able to use moisturizer. 


Cheyanne: They bother me too.


Daniela: Yeah, it bothers me. Yeah. Once in a while they're great. 


Barbara: I highly recommend them. Cheyanne, we forgot to ask you, would you shout out to everybody with all your socials because people need to know how to find you?



Cheyanne: Oh, yes. My Instagram is @lipperfectla. So lip perfect LA. You can send me a direct message. You can contact me that way, by email or text. Ask any questions. We'd love to hear from you.


Barbara:   I'm sure you're sorry that you ever gave me your phone number to text you. I'm always like “Cheyanne. I feel like this is happening. What do I do?” “You’re fine, it's just the process. Take one of these and call me in the morning. You will be all good.” I thank you for your genius. And I am so excited that you came.


Daniela: Yes. 


Cheyanne: Thank you so much for having me. It was super fun.


Barbara: Super great.


Daniela: I’m so glad you came. Now we got to go have lunch with sardines. 


Cheyanne: Thank you ladies. 


Daniela: All right, everybody. Well, that's our episode of Honest AF Show. Please make sure to download us and subscribe. You can check us out on our socials Honest AF Show on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and online. So please spread the word. And if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions of products that you want us to try out and review let us know. We'd love to hear from you. So until next time, keep well, take care of yourself. Stay safe. Bye.


Barbara: Ciao. 




DISCLAIMER: We obviously need to do a disclaimer here. So we want you to know, we are not doctors or experts by any stretch of the imagination. We are just a couple of gals that are looking for magic products, procedures and experiences. And in our quest, we will share our honest as fuck opinions with you. So please make sure before you try anything we talked about that you know your own restrictions and do so at your own risk. Do not blame us for any of your issues. We're just experimenting to



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