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About Cheyanne Mallas,  Physician Associate

Introducing Cheyanne Mallas, the revered Chief Executive Officer with an illustrious career trajectory. As a seasoned entrepreneur and respected Physician Associate, Cheyanne has dedicated over a decade to the intricate field of cosmetic dermatology paying special attention to the emerging specialty of Bioregenerative Aesthetics. Her multifarious expertise includes prowess in business expansion, designing enriching training and educational modules, and masterfully orchestrating sales procedures, all of which contribute to her consistent triumph in augmenting revenue.

Yet, what truly distinguishes Cheyanne is her steadfast dedication to achieving the finest aesthetic results. Her vast knowledge is infused with a fervent zeal for enhancing natural beauty. With Cheyanne Mallas leading the way, the intersection of excellence and innovation is evident, solidifying her standing as a prominent figure in cosmetic dermatology and Bioregenerative Aesthetics.

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Cheyanne Mallas

Delve into the world of Cosmetic Dermatology, and PA Cheyanne emerges as a maestro, mastering facial optimization, structural rejuvenation, and the enchanting arena of regenerative aesthetics. She's an authority on the precision-driven art of Sculptra injections, proficient in enhancing both the face and body, marking her as one of the top-tier Sculptra experts in the U.S. Significantly, she is a recognized Key Opinion Leader and International Thought Leader.

Her unparalleled abilities earned her recognition as one of the country's leading Aesthetic Injectors, a commendable feature in the prestigious National Directory from 2020 to 2022. An alumnus of the esteemed Weill Cornell Medical College Physician Assistant Program, she boasts a Master's Degree in Health Sciences. Beyond her medical acumen, she's multilingual, proficient in both French and Italian.

In the vast spectrum of cosmetic procedures, Cheyanne has a special affinity for Collagen-producing Biostimulators, notably Sculptra and Radiesse. She expertly utilizes these modalities to refine the facial and bodily contours. Cheyanne firmly believes that Regenerative Aesthetics will revolutionize the aesthetic industry. As continuous innovations rejuvenate the structural and functional core of the skin, her research and practice focus on revealing skin health that dazzles and delights. Under her guidance, the horizon of beauty and aesthetics is limitless.

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