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Cheyanne Mallas PA Health Tips - Can you slow down the aging process?

The key to “slowing down” the aging process and extending maximal human lifespan will ultimately involve preserving or restoring telomere length to the DNA as well as decreasing chromosomal damage, cellular oxidation, and many other factors. Several measures have already been shown to achieve this goal, such as: 🔹Adopting a comprehensive dietary and lifestyle change consistent with good health has been shown to preserve telomere length. 🔹Physical exercise has been shown to be associated with preserving telomere length. 🔹Meditation has been shown to preserve telomere length by reducing the negative effects of stress. 🔹Higher vitamin D levels are associated with longer telomeres.

Additionally, since levels of inflammatory markers in the blood correlate with telomere shortening, natural strategies that reduce inflammation can also be very important in reducing the rate of telomere shortening.

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